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Karasch's legal video division has a full team of professional video technicians to assist you in all matters regarding your case.  From evidence gathering to full presentations in court, we can handle all your legal video and litigation support needs.  Our legal videos have won numerous awards and are certain to create dramatic courtroom impact every time. We look forward to assisting you and learning more about your case and needs.

Legal Video Services

Video Depositions

Our Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) are well versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of recording legal video depositions.  They follow the rules and guidelines as set forth by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and The Pennsylvania Code as it pertains to recording video for use at trial.  All Equipment is checked daily and includes cameras, microphones, backdrops and DVD recorders so that you can leave the dep with a DVD in hand.

Courtroom Playbacks

Our Courtroom Playback Technicians have the equipment and skills to show any recorded video that you require.  If the legal video needs redactions performed live in court, they can accomplish this easily to keep the jury from seeing what the judge ruled they should not see.

Courtroom Presentations

A more advanced version of the standard Courtroom Playback, the Courtroom Presentation takes the newest technology and presents your case using a laptop and Trial Director software.  This provides the ability to quickly locate and show all types of exhibits to everyone in the courtroom.  Extra monitors, large screen displays, visual presenters and touch screen monitors for your witness can all be added to the presentation.  We are also trainers of Trial Director and resellers should you like to handle your own presentations.

Evidence Preservation

Our Legal Videographers have recorded hours and hours of evidence preservation footage.  These videos can be used to show jurors evidence that would not be able to be brought into court.  Things like water damage, housing projects, vehicle accident damage, large machine operations, etc can all be recorded via video and then shown in court so that the jury can see the evidence for themselves.

Video Conferencing

In our West Chester location we have a standard video conferencing unit that can connect to any other unit anywhere in the world.  We can also find locations for you in other areas through our vast network of video conferencing facilities.  If you can't make it to our location we also offer internet based video conferencing so that you can remain in your office and still connect anywhere.  This service is also helpful for witnesses that  may not be able to travel.

Other Services

Day-in-Life videos, Video sync to transcripts, Video For Review, Animations, Duplications, Conversions


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