SetGo! 2.0:  Dynamic Scheduling Software Solution

Scheduling & Confirmation services for Businesses, Individuals and Litigators.

Save time and money.

Check scheduling off your to-do list forever!

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transparent_greenbracket How It Works

Our goal is to make the scheduling process as simple as possible. For most occasions, the date and attendee information is all that is required. We take care of the rest!

You: SetGo! 2.0
  • Send us your available dates
  • Send us the attendees contact information
  • Send us any requests for support services
  • We make ALL the scheduling calls for you
  • We coordinate available dates with all attendees
  • We schedule your support services
  • We confirm with all parties

Once scheduled, SetGo Scheduling will email you the Scheduling Process Results which contains the scheduled date and time of the meeting, the confirmed attendees and the status of support services.

On the day and time of the meeting, you show up and hold a seamless and professional meeting!

"SetGo Scheduling adds valuable

time to your day!"

"On Site, On Line

On Time!"

"Check scheduling off your

to-do list, forever!"

"SetGo Scheduling arranges it all including

support services and rooms!"