Our Award Winning Captioning Services Include

On-Site & Remote CART Services:

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) can be provided in real time for an individual or groups in virtually any setting.  There are two types of CART: on-site with a captioner present or remote via the internet to any location in the world where an internet connection is available.  When utilizing CART, audio from the speaker is transmitted to a captioner and displayed within 2-4 seconds as text on a video screen for events, meetings and seminars or on personal devices such as monitors, laptops, tablets, and phones for individual use.

C-Print or Typewell Captioning

A note taking system that provides meaning-for-meaning transcription of the spoken language into text, and displayed on various types of devices. The provider listens to the speaker and condenses the text for the consumer. This service is recommended for educational settings.

Braille CART Captioning

For deaf and blind consumers, Braille CART is provided by a CART provider who connects to the individual's braille reader. This allows the consumer to interact in real-time in any environment.

Online class, Webinar, Phone Conference or Streaming Captioning

Via a remote connection, live CART Captioning can be provided during online classes, webinars, phone conferences, or streamed events.  By simply linking to the platform being used, we can easily add the option of live captions to any class, meeting or event.  We can easily communicate with WebEx, Blackboard, Zoom, YouTube, or most any other platform you may choose to use.


Offline Captioning

This is the process of adding open captions to any prerecorded material such as DVD’s, video files, or online videos such as YouTube or Facebook postings.  Open captions can be seen all the time since the text becomes part of the video signal while closed captions may be turned on or off by the viewer.


Video Remote Interpreting

Is the use of a sign language interpreter located at a remote location.  The interpreter listens to the audio portion of the event, interprets the spoken word into sign language, and transmits the interpretation to the end user via webcam and an Internet connection.


Audio Description

Audio description services for blind individuals.  Audio Description is the process of narrating the actions and events that take place in a video or at a live event.


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