Court Reporting Is Not One-Size Transcribes All

Karasch & Associates Offers Opportunity to Match Court Reporters to Needs of the Case

West Chester “Chester County”, PA, November 19, 2008 – Court reporters are examples of behind-the-scenes workers who go about their jobs in a quiet and professional manner and most people assume they are appointed or selected at random.  But when attorneys are in a position to choose a court reporter, they have certain criteria, depending on the case and often look for the reporter with the appropriate qualifications.  A court reporter's accurate skills, reliable performance and familiarity with subject matter can make for an exemplary transcript.  A trusted court reporter is often a key member of the legal team.
Because court reporting is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all, Karasch & Associates has created Litigation Support My Way™ to allow clients to choose which options best meet their specific case needs.  This includes a selection of qualified court reporters and a number of delivery options such as hourly, rush, expedited and real-time reporting.  Karasch Case Consultants review the overall case and the history to recommend the most economical and timely options available.

Familiarity Brings Confidence

"When considering a court reporter, attorneys tell us they first need someone who is on time and prepared.  They don’t want to wait for the court reporter to start the deposition,” explains Henry Karasch, RMR, CSR (DE), Founder of Karasch & Associates, a company that manages and fulfills all court reporting and litigation needs.

Good reporters need the right experience and a degree of sensitivity.  Like many professionals, attorneys develop a personalized style as they work cases.  For example, oftentimes there will be a rhythm to the questioning in a legal proceeding and the last thing needed is a court reporter interrupting the flow with unnecessary questions or unfamiliarity with the subject.

"Many attorneys like to work with the same court reporter.  We act like matchmakers, so they can choose from any of our reporters, at any level of ability, or specialty and we will do our very best to make sure they are assigned the preferred reporter," said Linda Karasch, CLVS, Co-founder and CEO.

"We're making it convenient for attorneys to get the service they need and provide and obtain information in the easiest way for a competitive price, with no sacrifice of high quality service,” said Linda Karasch.

Karasch & Associates, with offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, provides a full spectrum of litigation support services, including document management , court reporting, CLVS legal video, video conferencing and trial support,  each tailored specifically to clients’ needs.  Karasch provides nationally certified and registered reporters, adhering to NCRA standards for depositions, hearings, arbitrations and trials offering online scheduling, secure online repository and active alerts.

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