Jesus’ Ascension, and Coping with Grief

Due to the pandemic affecting the earth right now, many are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Below is an excerpt from America: The Jesuit Review, which may shed more light on the parallels between Jesus's Ascension and the way we live today, and even aid in the grieving process.

"Today we remember Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Forty days after the resurrection, Jesus physically leaves the earth, and his followers witness this departure. Today’s readings give instruction and hope to those who must continue to thrive and build the community of faith without Jesus physically with them...

Consider this analogy: Jesus is a person who has passed away in your life, and the disciples are you who remain on earth, filled with grief, anger and doubts. Jesus reminds his followers that he is ever-present, even though he ascends to heaven. Loved ones still remain in your memories, hearts and lives, even though they are no longer physically present."

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