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Inclusive Classroom Captioning!

Karasch & Associates is proud to offer Inclusive Classroom Captioning™ for schools, colleges and universities. This new service provides Real-Time CART captioning, Real-Time C-Print and Note taking services for ALL students in the classroom and removes the need for students to self-identify.

Once students enter a classroom, they can view the captioning on a large...

Karasch’s expertise in CART SERVICES

Karasch& associates have over 35 years of experience in CART Services. We have a team of Cart services Specialist who offer below services:
  • CART Captioning
  • CART Deaf
  • Closed Captioning Services
  • Court Reporting Agency

CART Captioning

CART captioning stands for “Communication access real-time translation (CART)”,it is also called as open captioning or real-time stenography. It is the general...