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KaraschRP: Your Fully Branded Remote Portal Solution

“Equal Access for All”


Convenient and user-friendly has been our commitment to you.  Karasch has designed an innovative online Remote Portal for our partners to brand their company’s own unique identity. Karasch RP is a customized remote portal for your students, clients or employees view and search schedules, upload and download document files and view remote captioning sessions, right from their computers. With KaraschRP, your clients will associate the site with your company.  The branded portal increases your online presence while building rapport with your clients and employees. 



Your Remote Portal will have a customized display with your company’s name, logo, contact information, URL and color scheme.  Each client will have access to a personalized login [with tiered access] to promote security and easy access. Our 24/7 technical team is here to assist you and your clients with setting up your Remote Portal, branding, login info and URL.

Call us at 800.621.5689 to learn more and to sign-up your enterprise for KaraschRP; your online, fully branded remote portal.




Our primary areas of service fall into 4 divisions: Legal Services, Accessibility Services (Captioning, CART, Speech-to-text), GSA / SSA, and Legal Video.


You want a partner who knows the fast-paced nature of your business and can help to streamline your work and preparation, increase courtroom impact and provide support services in real-time to meet the demands of your industry on time every time.

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For any captioning  or ASL need, you'll find a perfect solution with Karasch & Associates. From the latest technologies that enable affordable, real-time solution to our team of highly trained, certified captioners and ASL interpreters...

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GSA Contract Holder #GS-02F-107BA. We offer a wide range of services to government clients including the US Army, US Attorney's Office, Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of General Services, Grand Jury of Pennsylvania & many more.

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Legal Video

Our Legal Video department handles any video or audio recording that you require to build your case.  We can also support you in trial with Standard Playbacks and Full Trial Presentations using software like Trial Director for maximum courtroom impact.

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Karasch Careers: Court Reporting

Karasch & Associates is always looking for great people to join our team. Current Opening: Court Reporting. Are you interested in becoming one of Karasch’s Certified Court Reporters?  Karasch & Associates offers our court reporting team members amazing benefits. If so,  learn more here!

Karasch Careers: Captioning Services

Karasch & Associates is always looking for great people to join our team. We have a current opening in our Captioning Services Division. Are you interested in becoming one of Karasch’s captioning providers?  If so, learn more here!

VHR Providers

Karasch & Associates is always looking for professional individuals who have excellent English language skills, can type 60 wpm and have an understanding of medical terminology. Individuals will need to have the ability to be cleared by the U.S. Government prior to any training. Learn more here!

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Art, Attorney/Firm Owner

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karasch and Associates since the 1980s. Karasch’s service to attorneys is beyond compare. I had a series of seven depositions tied into a “short court window” pursuant to emergency civil receiver petitions. Karasch provided reporters on short notice and turned around the transcripts (which were complex) in record time. Karasch gets my recommendation!

Kathy, Paralegal

Our law firm has been using Karasch for over 20 years.  We use no other court reporter and they have NEVER let us down.  We can count on Karasch to be accurate, prompt and meticulous. They also have state of the art electronic abilities which makes working with them so easy. Thanks Karasch!

Tim, Director, Learning Resources

Karasch often understand student needs better than I.  They will offer suggestions for services better-suited to the student or less complex, always helpful.  I recommend Karasch services without qualification for your deaf and hard of hearing needs.

Barbara, Paralegal

Karasch has always gone above and beyond in helping the attorneys and staff whenever requested.  Their staff includes technical expertise as well, which we have utilized in the office and in the courtroom.  When we have out-of-state depositions, we can always count on Karasch to find me the right court reporter and facility for our needs.

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